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Because many of the homes we design are vacation homes or for future retirement many of our clients live in other parts of the country. With the process we have developed this is not an obstacle. Communication by phone and e-mail is effective in the exchange of ideas and information. Although it is not necessary there is usually a face to face meeting early in the process to discuss general needs and requirements.

The next step is to develop a preliminary conceptual design. This consists of a preliminary site plan, floor plans, and exterior elevation drawings. The criteria for this design comes from the initial office or phone meeting, a topographic survey of the building site, and our planning guide, which is a 9 page questionnaire that covers lifestyle and space relationships, house styles and exterior features, room sizes, uses, features, finishes, and accessories. We encourage our clients to develop a scrap book of ideas. Pictures from magazines etc. of architectural styles, interior and exterior features, finishes and details helps communicate to us the things you like.

When the preliminary design is completed to your satisfaction, then the detailed final construction drawings are prepared. These include everything necessary to get your building permit, get bids from contractors, and construct your home. We take pride in the quality and completeness of our final working drawings and believe that they help protect our clients from misunderstandings and added expense during construction.


Site Evaluation:

If you have not yet purchased property for your new home we can help you evaluate potential properties for their suitability to your specific needs.

Site Planning:

Whether your property is large or small, your home needs to be designed to utilize it to its full potential. We believe the home and its site should compliment each other.

Custom Home Design:

This term is too often misused. It is more than just picking a few options for a generic plan. For us “custom home design” means starting with a blank canvas so to speak. It means creating a design for your specific needs, tastes, and lifestyle. A one-of-a-kind design that blends with and compliments its surroundings.

Remodels and Additions:

The same principals for developing a new home design apply here. Our objective is for the completed project to look like a well designed home, not an addition.




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